Breakfast at Como wharf

IMG_4874Nonna ‘s number one priority is family and bringing us together for whatever reason. So keeping that in mind I took the day off on Friday and spent it with my Mum and Grandma. I feel like we haven’t spent some ‘just us’ time in a while. I know there is always the weekend but the a week day is more quiet, less busy and you are not rushed out by a cafe trying to seat their waiting customers. Sounds a little stupid I know.

So my Mum suggested this little Cafe by Como wharf. We drove down early in the morning, it wasn’t even opened yet so we had a little time to walk around the water to enjoy the beautiful view of the river. A perfect  sunny morning hardly anyone around no Mums with prams or people runny yet, just us. Once the cafe was opened we sat on the deck by the water under these huge Moreton Bay fig trees, they created a beautiful shady canopy for our breakfast. Looking over the menu which was nice and small, I don’t like big menus at cafes. My thinking is if its small and simple they focus only on these few and can do them well. I find if they have 25 or more dishes its too complicated, you don’t know if everything is really all that fresh and the chef’s probably rush though them just to get the orders out . But if its small and changed regularly they can do the dish over 100 times like its a home cooked meal to them they know it so well. My Grandma and mum ordered the pancakes with maple syrup and bacon, my Grandma thought this was weird but gave it a go. I ordered the eggs Benedict with salmon. It didn’t take long for the meals to come out. They looked clean, fresh and I was anxious to cut into my poached eggs to see if they were oozy and soft. I always get so disappointed when i get golf balls. Poached eggs are one of my things to yet get the hang of so I like to ordered them because I cant make them myself. My plate was placed in front of me by a lovely friendly waitress, I cut in to my eggs and success beautiful and oozy! All of our meals were flawless, the cafe was beautiful, serene and peaceful. Some great quality time with the women I look up to.

If you would like details on here this cafe is leave me a comment and ill get back to you

Nonna would have approved. I will have to ask her if she has any secrets for poaching eggs. I still cant get them right even if I follow the book.


A quiet Sunday afternoon

IMG_4660In the late afternoon we went to a friends place and had a few drinks in “the car port” under their apartment. Some of their neighbours had decided to dump a few tables and chars in there. Being typical boys, instead of moving and throwing them out they just left them and now that’s where they hang out. We chatted, drank and soaked up the afternoon.  I snapped this picture and wanted to share it, was surprised how well it turned out. I guess everything always looks better with wine.

Having a few too many we strolled down to the local pizza place for dinner and ordered their version of a ‘Caprice’ its toppings were ham, mushrooms, capsicum, anchovies, olives, oregano and we added chill flakes. It was piping hot and had just the right amount of toppings and huge anchovies (I have recently found i cant get enough of them on my pizza).We walked down to the beach and ate it on the rocks by the water.

Very picturesque an afternoon all about enjoying the summer breeze before heading to work on Monday.