Ask Nonna

If it’s questions about recipes, best brands to use, cooking techniques, lifestyle, gardening, family or anything you would like to know
from Nonna, here’s your opportunity to ask.

Nonna is very opinionated, and her advice hasn’t let me down yet. So this will also be the perfect forum for me to tell you all of Nonna’s latest tips and knowledge she has shared with me.


4 thoughts on “Ask Nonna

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  2. Nonna’s tip #01
    Do you have lots of chillies in your garden and you have a hard time using them up?

    Nonna said once the chillies are bright and red, pick them all off your plant. You will find that picking them often will produce more. Once picked lay them out to dry in the sun or a sunny place inside on some news paper. After they have shriveled up a little you can put them all into some olive oil. If you have about 20 chillies plus this will be your concentrate oil that you could add to a full bottle of regular olive oil, just taste to see how strong you would like it. This oil is great in salads, pastas and pretty much anything to give it a hum of chillie.

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