Having bIMG_3689een with my Italian for 7 years now, I have been fully immersed and fallen in love with his family, culture and him. I wanted to start this blog as I have so much to share when it comes to food and my culinary escapades , I am forever taking pictures on my Iphone and its filling with no where to really put all these photos.I love how food of all sorts bring people together, how opinionated we are by food and how diverse it is.

I have always loved all things to do with cooking there is so much to learn, pass down, experiment with, try for the first time and teach. I guess the women in my own family started the spark. I always remember being in the kitchen wanting to help. My family willingly and reluctantly teaching me, with the forever ‘be careful’, ‘that’s sharp or ‘that’s hot’. I am 25 now and they still do it, they worry too much. Then when I met my Italian I was introduced to a whole different love for food, cooking and Nonna the head of it all. I was fascinated by it, they are a beautiful family so full of life, so welcoming and even though I am not officially “in the family” they treat me as I already am. I wanted to share their wonderful way of life and my own cooking stories and adventures. I hope I can inspire you as much as they have inspired me


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  1. I have made Mamma’s cake dozens of times with success. It is our family favourite for birthdays. I always cut the cake with a hot knife blade to keep the layers neat.

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