Nonna approved cookies

A recipe I took a snap shot of in my mums cooking magazine.

A recipe I took a snap shot of in my mums cooking magazine. Here is the original recipe.  

I came across this recipe while looking through cooking magazines with my Mum (another women in my life that has greatly influenced my love of food and cooking) trying to work out the menu for Christmas dinner. I thought they would be an appropriate “small dessert” to bring to Nonna’s Christmas lunch. Being short on time leading up to Christmas my Boyfriend got the few ingredients for me that I didn’t have at home, not being the most knowledgeable cook he grabbed regular butter not un-salted. Not ever using regular butter for baking before (as I always follow the ingredients list closely) I thought I would still use it. It couldn’t be that bad…… To my surprise it was noticeably salty, I know now why the specify un-salted butter. Not being completely happy with my first batch (flavour and appearance) I decided to get a few more ingredients and make them again, they were simple to make so it wasn’t a big deal. The second time round they turned out great.
I arranged them on one of my Nan’s crystal platters with the saltier ones on the bottom hoping people wouldn’t notice as much if the had a second one and the first was so good. To my surprise they didn’t really notice.
The only modifications I made to the recipe was I couldn’t find Christmas coloured sprinkles so I finely chopped up some dried cranberries. I prefer the look of them and the tangy sweetness. When piping the cookies I only had a small nozzle but I just pipped them slower which gave me a bigger shape and went around them a second time.

This was a great last minuet sweet to take and I would make them again seeing as they got an approval from Nonna

MY own version

My own version


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