Boxing Day lunch and dinner to finish Christmas celebrations

Fruit platter

Fruit platter

Boxing day was another family full event, Lunch with my family and then dinner with Nonna’s family. At my family lunch there was a lot of running around and helping my Mum, Aunt and Grandma cook, I forgot to take any snap shots except for the fruit platter I brought. It was so vibrant and fresh, just what we needed after all of the over indulging. I was happy with the pic but I did intend to make this Christmas fruit tree, the other photo shows I didn’t get too far before I got frustrated and ran out of time. I will try and attempt it next year.

Inspiration and frustrated failure

Inspiration and frustrated failure

Family feast

Family feast

When we arrived at dinner we were so full and over indulged from lunch we hardly ate anything, Nonna thought we were sick she doesn’t understand what full is.  This our huge spread of food these are a few of the dishes we had to choose from, freshly cut ham off the bone with a sprinkling of pomegranate seeds and olives, a whole turkey, rolled pork, prawn cocktail platter, a spinach and ricotta filo quiche, a few salads, pasta on the stove behind and a seafood salad made my Nonno. I have been told this is one of his specialties that he kept bringing to every family event, even though at the beginning no one really liked it. But persistence prevailed and now dinners are not complete without his touch. Everyone piled up their plates and the brothers especially piled them high having mounds of food covering the plates, they always want to try a little too much of everything. But they amazingly finish it all and thanks to their Italian genes are still slim!

A great day and night to end the Christmas celebrations.


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