Inspiration to start


This Christmas I have been inspired to finally start this blog. For weeks I have stewing over what to write, what is the best name to use and so on. So i am just going to go for it. I have gone back to my original inspiration of the ‘Word of the Nonna’ seeing as this is what started the idea of this blog in the first place.

I was talking to a foodie friend telling her about a dish that I made “I know its strange but this is what Nonna would do” and then she said ” well it works, its the word of the Nonna”

This blog wont only be about Italian Cuisine but anything that I may come across that I feel needs to be shared with you. I am not the best writer but i just love taking photos of what I have created or I am about to eat (yes I’m one of those embarrassing people that take pictures of their food every where they go, but at least i have a good excuse now).

The people in this photo are (hopefully soon to be) my Italian Family, Nonna and her children. I have known this family for seven years and they are the most kind, energetic,  exciting and beautiful people you could ever meet. They have introduced me to so much culture, food, wine and have inspired me to cook and experiment constantly.

I hope you enjoy my many posts and the fun of Wednesday night family dinners!


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